Google Adwords will not sell your ebook for you.

Think about the last time you googled something. Did you pull out your wallet before you entered your search?

Unless you searched for a specific brand AND product, you did not. Nobody does because we are not mentally or emotionally ready to make a sale. Yet.

Here’s the bottom line…

A Google Ad will help you reach your potential customers, but then it is up to you to provide value, build trust and make the sale.

So before you go sending your Google Ad traffic directly to a sales page, use these tools to transform a potential customer into a raving fan:

1. Google Ad
It starts with your ad copy and the keywords you are targeting. You must do two things at this step, get attention from your potential customer and communicate your unique selling position.

2. Squeeze Page
Get their email address in exchange for a delightfully helpful (and free) piece of content. If they are not willing to share their email address, either you have not nailed their pain point or they will likely never buy from you. Keep in mind, a great sales system will fail to convert 95% of their visitors.

3. Content
The content you offer them for free must wow them. Period. It likely will be the first impression they have on your brand. Delivering what you promised is the step towards building trust with your potential customer.

4. Email Marketing
Stay on your potential customers mind with occasional helpful emails. Your not trying to hard sell them here. Your goal is to get your potential customer to think of you when they go looking for more help with the problem you are solving. Drip emails are great for this. Sending awesome content on a consistent schedule is how you  keep building trust and proving your value.

5. Sales Page
once your potential customer trusts your brand for helping them with their problem the sales page helps close the sale. Make sure to communicate the problem you are solving, the benefits of your solution and remove risk of buying with a money back guarantee.

The sales process of selling an ebook goes deeper than the first click of a google ad. Do not waste your time and money taking shortcuts. Build trust and deliver value and sales will follow.

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