Simple ebook sales funnel

How do you sell an ebook?

It’s simple.

  1. Find your target audience
  2. Collect their e-mails
  3. Stuff value inside their inbox

That’s your ebook sales funnel. Seriously. I’ll explain how it works in a second. But right now, let’s take a look at where most ebook sales funnels go wrong.

3 mistakes you’re making in your ebook sales funnel

1. You send your ad traffic to a sales page

Does your ebook cost more than $20? Yes? Then don’t send your ad traffic directly to your sales page. Why not? Because your customer is not ready to be sold yet. (And nobody likes being sold to.)

Here’s the 1 exception: Does your customer have her visa card in her hand when she clicks your ad? If she does, then send her to your sales page.

Alright, I hear you… “Jack, how do I know if she’s got her visa card out?”

It’s all about your keyword. Let’s look at two keywords:

“How to teach my child to swim” – Who ever is searching for this just wants information. They are not ready to buy. You’re gonna want to send this visitor to a landing page where they get… information! Something like, enter your email here for a free video swim lesson you can do with your child right now.

“how to teach swimming to children DVD for sale” – This person is has her visa in hand. Sure this keyword is not searched as often as the first example, but here’s someone who’s ready to buy. Now there’s a good chance she’s comparison shopping at this point, so collecting her e-mail is still not a bad idea. But feel free to send this person to your sales page.

2. You’re not collecting e-mail addresses on your blog

If you don’t have a blog, start one. (In the mean time, start building your email list by guest blogging and include a link to an optin page with your free info.)

Now a blog is amazing because you’ve earned your traffic and it’s the right kind of traffic. But make sure the #1 goal of your blog is growing your list. Someone who stumbles on your blog via a google search is again, probably not ready to buy. So get their e-mail address and give them e-mails that turn them into a customer. Which leads me to my next point…

3. You’re auto-responder sucks

How to know if your auto-responders sucks.

  1. Your subscribers don’t engage with your e-mails
  2. You use it like a sale page
  3. You don’t pack every e-mail (including your sales e-mails) with value
  4. Your readers don’t look forward to your next e-mail
  5. You

Listen. E-mail marketing is not an sales pitch. You’ve earned your audience’s e-mail and now you’ve got to earn their attention. Then you win their trust, get them to like you, have them see you as an authority in your niche and then you can sell to them. But here’s the catch… every e-mail should have a call to action.

Get your list to get in the action taking mindset each e-mail you send.

The bottom-line: Get the right e-mails list, deliver value and then ask for the sale.