Get cash for your ebook, then write it.

Test if people will actually give you money for your ebook. Then you’ll know if you should create it or try your next idea.

Here’s how to see if your ebook will sell before you write it:

1. Write Down 4-7 Benefits of Reading Your Ebook
Will the reader learn how to do something? Save money? Be entertained? Save time? Get healthier? Improve thier relationship?

Think about what’s in it for the reader when you are writing down your benefits.

2. Ask 10 contacts if they would pre-order this book for $10
It does not have to be 10 dollars but it must be an exact dollar amount. Mention the benefits of your ebook and tell them what chapters will be included to spark their interest.
Keep in mind it’s better to ask 2 yogis about your advanced yoga breathing techniques ebook, than 20 coworkers who have never practiced yoga.

3. Collect Money
If they are not opening thier wallets and giving you money, you can not validate that your ebook will sell. Your goal is to get at least 3 people to give you money to pre-order your ebook.

Add motivation for buying the “pre-ordered copy” by offering them a 50% pre-order discount.

4. Google Adwords

It is uncomfortable to ask friends, family or coworkers to buy a book you have not written yet. But this is so important for two reasons:

1. It will save you hours of writing a book that no one will buy.
2. Based on the responses to your offer, you will learn if you need to change your ebook pitch. For example, if you are selling a book about advanced yoga breathing techniques, you may learn that more people are interested in learning basic breathing techniques to relax at work.

That said, there is an option that will help you reach more people, quickly.

Set up a landing page with your book’s cover, benefits and a free chapter download button. Collect email addresses and notify your list when your book is ready. You can also ask them for suggessions/feedback of the chapters you plan on including in your book.

How To Sell Your Ebook Like Crazy

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