This post will cover 2 topics on e-mail marketing

1. How to grow your e-mail list

2. How to convert your e-mail list subscribers into paying customers and raving fans

How to grow your e-mail list

To grow your e-mail list you can:

  1. Attract more visitors to your website (SEO/Ads)
  2. Convince a greater percentage of your visitors to sign up for your e-mail list (Increase Conversion Rate)
  3. Both

Here’s how you can drive more visitors to your website.

Focus on two general strategies:

  1. Create remarkable content (SEO) to increase organic search traffic
  2. Advertising

SEO strategy alone deserves it’s own chapter, but to simplify the big picture of SEO: Create remarkable content and connect with others in your niche via social media to grow your influence. This is easier said than done and will take time to see your increase of traffic. It’s well worth the effort in the long run, but advertising can get you more e-mail subscribers tonight.

Here’s how I would grow my e-mail list with advertising:

Think of who your customers are and what they are already searching for. (That’s your keyword/s you will buy ads for.) For example, if you sell a wordpress theme for ebooks, your customers might be searching for something obvious like “best ebook wordpress theme” or something less specific like “how to sell an ebook from my blog”.

Your ad copy headline should use your keywords in it. Tip: Make separate headlines for each keyword you are targeting.

If your keyword is “best ebook wordpress theme”, the person searching is already looking for a wordpress theme to sell their ebook. So make your headline clear and specific for your potential customer: “Ebook WordPress Theme”. Your ad copy below the headline can get into why they should click your ad:

Ebook WordPress Theme
Improve Ebook Sales Overnight
Quick And Easy WordPress Theme Setup

If your keyword is “how to sell an ebook from my blog”, your ad will change slightly because this person is not yet seeking a wordpress theme, but needs more education before they will be ready to buy. This keyword’s ad might look like this:

Sell Ebooks From Your Blog
Improve Ebook Sales Overnight
Simple Ebook Store & Blog Setup

Send the people that click those ads to a landing page. Your landing page headline must be exactly like the ad they clicked. I like to use VERY similar headline on the ad and landing page to let my visitors know they clicked on the right ad and to show google that your landing page is relevent to your ad for a cheaper cost per click.

Your landing page will be designed to only collect e-mail addresses in exchange for a free white paper download or helpful how to video. Depending on the keyword and ad copy, your free download will vary. Just make sure you are helping them with the quesiton they have when they typed in their search into google.

Take this example with potential customers who searched for “best ebook wordpress theme”

They are already looking to download a wordpress theme. I could offer them a free download of a wordpress theme designed to sell ebooks and later offer them a premium version of the theme.

For my potiential customers who searched for “How to sell an ebook from my blog”

Now they are looking for information. A How-To white paper that explains what a blog needs to improve conversion rates of ebook sales could be perfect for these visitors. Inside the white paper, I would make sure to write a fantastic article that shows everything a blog needs for better conversion rates of ebook sales. At the end of the white paper I could provide a link to a wordpress theme that already set up for ebooks sales for those interested in improving conversion rates immediately.

Once you have sent them a wonderful white paper in exchange for their email address you can begin e-mail marketing to continue to warm-up your potential customers into raving fans. Do this by delivering valuable information on a consistent basis. For both keywords I would send emails on tips for selling ebooks on your blog. If they are interested enough to download your white paper on selling an ebook on your blog or your free version of your wordpress theme, they would enjoy receiving tips on how to sell ebooks from their blog.

Overtime you will be able to establish trust with your email list and covert a percentage of your subscribers. Constantly deliver value and you will convert. Do not feel the need to send emails that ask for a sale. I like to send helpful e-mails with a carefully placed link inside the email pointing back to my site for more information. By getting my list back to my site, they will see my premium wordpress theme available for sale (on a side bar of my site for example). There, they can buy it on their own with out me having to yell “SALE SALE SALE”. That trick rarely works and never works in the long run anyways.

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